Contributing to society through capital markets

We aim to create a cycle of prosperity through investment and a world in which all people can enjoy the benefits of financial services through financial inclusion.

Company Name and Logo

In ancient Greek, the word "rheos" means "to flow."
We aim to be a kind of workshop ("Works") that creates a flow of assets ("Capital") in Japan, including human resources, capital, wisdom, and technology.

Our logo reflects our desire to focus on unseen value to generate flow. The logo is designed based on the word "Rheos" written in braille. We believe that the greatest value and future of a company lurks in the things that are invisible to the eye and that can only be understood when touched. It expresses our desire to create a new trend by connecting unseen value.

Code of Conduct

Pursue the highest standard of professionalism and ethical integrity. Nurture and empower individuals, and be champions for positive change in society. Practice empathy and collaborate towards a common future.

Our Values

We value the ability of each individual to think for themselves.
We value the constant pursuit of excellence.
Power of Humor
We value soft communication.