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For Our Customers and Society

Founded in 2003 with the management philosophy of "contributing to society through capital markets," Rheos Capital Works strives to realize a prosperous society through financial inclusion.

In ancient Greek, "rheos" means "to flow." The philosopher Heraclitus left us with the aphorism that all things are in a state of flux (panta rhei). The world is in a constant state of change, and in that change lies unlimited opportunity. We want to contribute to society through the capital market and create a better future together with our customers while changing ourselves to keep up with the times.

In Japan, cash and deposits account for over 50% of personal financial assets ammount over 2,000 trillion yen, and the lack of efficient asset management is hindering Japan's growth. The asset income doubling plan included in the "new form of capitalism" espoused by the Japanese government aims to increase future national assets and create a brighter future for Japan and the world by directing even a small amount of this wealth of cash and deposits to investment.

We emphasize the importance of investments in installments, which can be started with a small amount of money. Many of our clients actually continue to invest in installments every month. We hope to continue to offer investment opportunities to an even wider range of customers and to spread the magic of investment to every corner of Japan. Spreading the magic of investment to every corner of Japan is what we think of as financial inclusion. In addition to offering products such as the Hifumi series, we aim to make finance open to all citizens through the dissemination of financial and economic education on our YouTube channel, "Okane no Manabiba!" (Money Learning Center).

Although there is a deeply rooted perception of investment as something only for the wealthy few person, we have always wanted to make investment more accessible to a wider range of people by promoting investment trusts as a products that are easy for individuals to invest in.
As a result, our Hifumi series of investment trusts, including the Hifumi Fund, Hifumi World Fund, and Marugoto Hifumi Fund, have been well received by many customers.

I believe that investment is what will build the future. As Representative Director, Chairman, President, and CEO of Rheos Capital Works and Chief Investment Officer of the Hifumi series, I aim to achieve high investment performance, and at the same time, I would like to create a better society through investment while ensuring compliance and emphasizing sustainability and diversity. We will make every effort to bring the Hifumi series to every corner of Japan, to manage funds held by many customers for long periods of time while experiencing the joy and excitement of investment, and to "energize Japan from the roots" through investment.

Rheos Capital Works Inc.
Representative Director, Chairman,
President & CEO,
Chief Investment Officer

Hideto Fujino