Message from President

Rheos Capital Works was founded in 2003 with the corporate philosophy of “We dedicate to the society through our capital market“ and has committed to investment management business for mutual funds and pension funds.

Under the ever-changing financial market, we have been investing in companies who intend to grow by adapting themselves to the changing social needs; who have a unique strength to achieve stable growth under any circumstances.

Our mutual funds, Hifumi Fund, Hifumi Plus Fund and Hifumi DC Fund, gain mass acceptance in Japan and won the awards in 2016 THOMSON REUTERS LIPPER FUND AWARD JAPAN (BEST FUND OVER 5 YEARS EQUITY GLOBAL for Hifumi Fund and BEST FUND OVER 3 YEARS EQUITY GLOBAL for Hifumi Plus Fund).

In Japan, it seems that a number of people think investment as a bad thing and we cannot see a decent progress in “shifting from savings to investment“ promoted by the government. As a result, there has been no big changes in savings-biased attitude for the personal financial assets. We have been actively promoting financial education and learning to university/college students, school teachers as well as to the public in order to diffuse the correct knowledge about the investment as we have committed to our philosophy of “We dedicate to the society through our capital market“ since the company was established.

As the president of the company and a fund manager, I would like our customers to have “a pleasure“ from holding our funds with active disclosure and variety of events as well as good investment performances. I will commit myself to make Japanese society energetic from the base by investing the capitals we received from our customers in growing Japanese companies.

Rheos Capital Works Inc.
President and CEO
Hideto Fujino

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