For Our Shareholders and Investors

Rheos Capital Works was listed on the Growth Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on 25th April 2023. We would like to offer our sincere thanks to everyone who has supported us, such as our customers, sales partners and business partners. At the listing ceremony, it is customary to pray for abundance and ring the bell five times. We were able to ring the bell loudly five times, and I felt extremely overjoyed and excited while at the same time also feeling sober.

Based on the management philosophy of "contributing to society through capital markets," we at Rheos Capital Works strive to realize a prosperous society through financial inclusion, and carry out the management and sale of the investment trust Hifumi series, etc.

As of 2022, Hifumi has been well received by over 1,200,000 customers, and is particularly strong with regard to being well received for investments in installments. It has continued to grow together with a wide range of customers, centered on the younger generation, and the accumulated amount has grown to exceed ¥130.0 billion per year. In light of the start of the new NISA system, which will strongly support the "shift from saving to asset formation," in 2024, we expect demand for investments in installments to grow significantly. Using this as an opportunity, we aim to become a management company that accumulates customers' endorsements in an even more significant manner.

We are aiming to be a "national investment trust." In Japan, over 50% of individual financial assets, which exceed ¥2,000 trillion, are cash and deposits. We sincerely hope to energize Japan from the roots through investment by growing Hifumi into a national investment trust and communicating the appeal of investment everywhere in order to lead these individual financial assets toward investment for the future. The listing of Rheos Capital Works is a new step toward this goal. Our vision for what we believe to be an ideal management company is for many customers to hold Hifumi, have even more people become our shareholders and encourage the democratization of investment with a wide range of individual investors.

We are proceeding step by step as a listed company. I think that, going forward, new challenges will come forth one after another, but our customers will always be our first priority, and we will advance forward for our customers while being supported by them. We will work to manage Hifumi and spread investment culture, and ask that you support Rheos Capital Works and Hifumi because we will put in the maximum amount of effort for our shareholders, who have become our new comrades.

Representative Director, Chairman, President & CEO,
Chief Investment Officer

Hideto Fujino