Investment Advisory Services

Rheos Capital Works Inc. manages our clients’ assets on their behalf, based on investment advisory contract with them. Our clients include domestic corporate pension funds and an overseas sovereign wealth fund (SWF).

Message from CIO

Rheos Capital Works was founded in 2003 by a group of investment management professionals.

Since established, we have committed to the investment business for institutions and pensions; our travel-on-foot approach for gathering qualitative information about companies and unique analytical method by converting the information from qualitative to quantitative one earned a reputation and put us in the different position within the industry. Our investment team is also managing the investment trusts, Hifumi Fund, Hifumi Plus Fund, Hifumi DC Fund, Hifumi World Fund, Hifumi World Plus Fund and Hifumi World DC Fund, and gained mass acceptance in Japanese individual investors because of active disclosure to the customers as well as good investment performances.

We aim to create a new trend in the constantly evolving capital market and support our customers thorough unrestrained creativity. Our passion and track records in Japanese equity market have an edge over the others. We are very happy to receive any inquiries and introduce us, so please feel free to contact our team. Thank you for your continued support toward Rheos Capital Works.

Hideto Fujino
Rheos Capital Works Inc.

Investment Philosophy

“Rheos” means “to flow” in Ancient Greek. The Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, used the word to emphasize his famous aphorism of “panta rhei” or “everything is in a state of flux”. This is the central tenet of our investment philosophy. We believe that through a combination of investment talent and rigorous processes, it is possible to identify this constant change in the capital markets and profit from it.

  • Active Policy

We believe society is constantly evolving through the activities of its economic participants. In the corporate world, various parties (stakeholders), including management and employees, are creatively enhancing shareholder value. But not all corporate enterprises are the same. We fund managers increase our customers’ assets by using our imagination to determine the intrinsic, true value of a corporate security.

  • Flexible Investments

“Everything is in a state of flux” is our central view of the world economy and society. It is most important to have the foresight to anticipate change and respond flexibly. We do not focus on a rigid investment style, but rather identify the “gap” between a stock’s intrinsic value and its market value as well as the time frame in which this “gap” may be filled.

  • Visionary Artists

Our investment process combines a top down economic and sector view and a bottom up view which incorporates an analysis of a corporation’s management, philosophy and organization. We also blend our own proprietary quantitative and qualitative techniques. The final stock selection relies on each of the investment team member’s experience, knowledge and imagination in determining whether a particular stock is undervalued.

  • Art & Science

“Uncovering unrealized value” is the key concept embedded in our investment process. We believe effective investment is a combination of art and science. Our entire organization is focused on this premise to earn our customers’ trust and increase their assets. Art is an individual’s craftsmanship reflected in his experience, knowledge, conceptualization and other qualities. Science is an organizational process.

Investment Management Framework

Investment Management Framework

Risk Management Framework

Risk Management Framework

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